Most frequently asked questions about our app

Is data of our company/employees safe?

At TimeToWork we take the security of your data very seriously:

TimeToWork is built on two different servers, which gradually allow access to the system so that no one can access the final server (MidServer Safety)


Is SOYAL 701 Server or 701 Client demanded to be installed, for TimeToWork to communicate with Controller(s)?

701 Server is getting installed during the installation of our application. It should be running on a computer in order for our application to communicate with Controller(s).

701 Client is not demanded to be either installed or running. It is installed during the initial installation, it is fully cooperating with our application but it’s not demanded as an app. […]

We want to restrict the use of a name (subdomain) of your application. What is your company’s policy about that ?

During the initial registration of a new client, Installer informs us, of the client’s choice prefered subdomain they want to choose (timeoftheirchoise.timetowork.gr).

If this name – subdomain is available

we provide them what they asked for. Take into account that this choice of theirs (subdomain) CAN’T be modified in the future because it is a really complicated procedure. […]

Do you support time attendance clock in or out via a smartwatch ?

That is a very interesting idea for the future, but no for now we don’t support such a feature.

I have Time Attendance Controllers from another company (not SOYAL). Will I have to replace them?

TimeToWork is working exclusively with SOYAL Access Controllers.


Unfortunately, you will have to replace your existing Controllers and probably your Employee’s access cards.[…]

How can a time attendance system increase my building’s safety?

A time attendance system is using a controller(s) which are used for access control of a door(s).

So the same controller can be installed at the front gate of the building and be used as a time attendance equipment but at the same time be used to restrict the entrance of any non-expected visitors, keeping the door closed or locked, depending on the installed equipment.

It could also be used for levels of access of multiple doors (*) inside the same building. So for example it could provide access to all employees of a company at the main door but restrict access to only a few in the Server room, or the warehouse area. […]

Do you plan to add more languages (translations) in the final-end environment?

As you can see in our demos, we already support 4 different -translations- languages for the application menus. You can already use the app in Greek, English, Ukrainian, and Spanish.

New languages will be added in the future, in an order which will be dependent, […]

Basic Steps of a new Installation

Steps of Clean Installation […]

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