We want to restrict the use of a name (subdomain) of your application. What is your company’s policy about that ?

During the initial registration of a new client, Installer informs us, of the client’s choice prefered subdomain they want to choose (timeoftheirchoise.timetowork.gr).

If this name – subdomain is available

we provide them what they asked for. Take into account that this choice of theirs (subdomain) CAN’T be modified in the future because it is a really complicated procedure.

When providing this subdomain, be aware, that we are not obligated in any way to check for any copyright-trademark issues, since our subdomain names are not restricted in those terms. Subdomain-names of our application are used strictly for time attendance and not for supplying goods or services.

  • We keep , on the other hand, every right to deny giving the subdomain-name to a company, with words which are violating our Terms of Use.

If this name – subdomain is NOT available

client should choose another available name or similar to it (ie if you are requesting timetowork and is not available , you could try and use timet0w0rk.timetowork.gr or ttw.timetowork.gr

TimeToWork’s sales team is not restricting the use of subdomain-names to disabled or willing to be client(s) of ours .