Why would you need a time attendance application ?

The needs of a modern business change daily. An employee no longer works exclusively from the office, he or she travels for business purposes or is required for certain periods of time to work outside of company’s space, as in the case with Covid19.

With a modern time attendance application you should be able to :

  • connect from Cloud wherever Director or Manager is and manage the application
  • clock in and out from either inside the building or remotely in case of a remote working position
  • avoid Static IP connections, saving money and issues of local router programming
  • exporting attendance reports to printer, pdf or email
  • handling of non-working day management information (eg official holidays, vacations)
  • keep a complete stuff file of all Employees
  • have multiple levels of connection to the application (Director, Manager, Employee via mobile) with different levels of access and menus
  • have automated backups of application’s database (in a daily, weekly and annual basis)
  • do all the above in a user friendly environment, ideally in your native language
  • use a secure interface (https) with limits on brute force attack

We’re happy to say TimeToWork does ALL the above