What happens if our subscription expires and we won’t pay? Is our data lost?

TimeToWork is based on a valid subscription plan, which means it is not “working” when there is an unpaid subscription.

When your subscription plan is about to expire, you get notified by email one month, 15 days, 2days, and the previous day of the end of your plan.

After the expiration date, you can still enter the system for a one-month period and take any copies of your Company employees or Data of their Time Attendance.

In case you will decide to pay after that date and inside that month,

your subscription starts from the date you were supposed to pay and for one year more. You also re-take access to the data of that month.

In case you decide NOT to pay your subscription and the given one extra month finishes,

your full data get deleted from our cloud space. (Employees, Departments, Timeshifts, Time attendance Data, etc) and the subdomain of your company, you have chosen while getting your account enabled (namecompany.timetowork.gr) is getting released for any new client who wants it.

If you will decide to re-enable your account, after that period

you will have to pay the “first year’s subscription plan again” and your local installer will have to re-setup the application from start.

Note: Our company is not obligated to keep the name of a Company’s subdomain, from disabled clients. Any subdomain which is not registered to our existing clients is free for use for our new clients around the globe. See more